Maghull United Reform Church, Liverpool

The Challange

Maghull URC contacted the national church heating team with the challenge to move the existing external boiler to inside the building and splitting the heating system into 4 different areas for better control. 

The old church boiler was getting vandalised and was costing the church vast amounts of money to repair and keep running. The church was so well used that different areas had different heating requirment all the time, so it was important to get a control and zoned system designed and implemented as soon as possible. 

The Solution

A plan was devised to install new twin boilers in a back store area and to split the system up into the required 4 areas. A lot of alterations were needed to split the church heating system but the benefits mean a massive saving on running cost.  2 new boilers were installed inside the building with vertical flues to ensure they would not be vandalised. Once the new boilers were in place all the external pipe work was ripped out and re-routed to were it needed to be. 

​Extra radiators were added into the church along with power flushing all the existing church system. The whole system was connected to a smart control allowing the church wardens to control the system from the comfort of their own home. The whole project was completed in just 2 weeks with minimal disruption to any weekly events.

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