Broughton and Polefield Care Home, Manchester get a new heating system!

The Challange

Broughton Care Home, Manchester contacted Church Heating Specialists as they had high running bills for an existing heating system. They also had an issue with keeping a comfortable temperature for their patients as many of them were of older age and needed to be heated correctly as well as having hot running water. We soon surmised that they had dated standing boilers and storage water heaters, this was causing the high running costs and irregular heating temperatures. 
Polefield Car Home, Manchester contacted Church Heating specialists, following a recommendation from Broughton Care Home. They had similar issues to Broughton, with high running costs and poop heating system performance. Alike, Broughton, Polefield Care Home had an old system fitted and would need it replacing ASAP to ensure safe temperatures for their patients.

The Solution

To resolve this, we carried out a report on the systems and building to ensure the right system was fitted for the size and usage of the building. We then proceeded to remove the existing floor-standing boilers and old hot water storage heaters and replaced them with new high-efficiency boilers, as well as new hot water heaters. The whole system was power flushed out and new filtration controls added to ensure maximum heat was maintained all the time. New weather compensation controls were added to the heating system ensuring the system was always just how they needed it. It was important that there was always a hot water demand and the nursing home never went home during the upgrade. The installation was completed in stages meaning the system was only ever shut down for an hour at the most meaning the nursing home never even noticed the switch over. The running cost has been the biggest saving from around £5,000 per month to now £1,700 per month. 

Church Heating Specialists carried out a thorough investigation into the eating system at Polefield Care home and found that hey had had other contractors come in to fix the heating issues but unfortunately just added more systems on top of the existing ones without fathoming the root issue. We found that Polefiled Care Home had major issues with water pressure in some areas of the building, with the added complication of no hot running water on the far ends of the care home. Church Heating Specialist designed a bespoke new system that catered to the needs and wants of the building, providing all the calculations needed to show the owners that we would fit the best heating system for their needs. We managed to cut their monthly running costs from £4,500 pm to £1,600 pm which is still dropping! 


A system of such quality should be installed in all property, its amazing how much we are now saving. Thanks to HeatinGlobal of Manchester the savings made each month are being used to provide better facility’s for the elderly”
Broughton Care Home Management

“So glad we took the advise of not only other care homes in the area to use you guys but your advise on how the system should be installed, Its clear your engineers are good at there job and its nice to see people take pride in what they do for once, See you guys next year for the annual service and safety checks”

Polefield Care Home Managment 

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