Monton Unitarian Church Manchester

The Challange

The Unitarian Church in Monton, Manchester, is well known in the local area and can be seen for miles around. This large church is located in the heart of Monton Village and is  known for being one of the first churches to perform a same sex marriage. Since the great amount of publicity, the church has seen the number of visitors increase with every service, and hall users have more than doubled. The increase in numbers has allowed the church to raise funds for some much needed repairs and upgrades. One of the main issues  was there failing heating system.

The old church heating system was a combination of over head plaque gas heaters and a small combination boiler which heated a few small radiators. This mixture of heat in the church was causing fabric issues to the walls so it was difficult to redecorate. Our church heating engineers designed a very traditional heating system using cast sectional radiators working in conjunction with under pew heating coils. This type of system would allow the church to get to there required temperature on demand while providing the correct fabric protection.

The Solution

A total of 26 radiators were installed, all powder coated to blend in with the wooden pews and plastered walls. 32 under pew heating coils were fitted which provided a very balanced heating system to this massive church. The existing system was all stripped out and replaced with 2 wall hung high efficiency boilers on a rigging system. Installing the boilers on a rigging system allowed our engineers to install the boilers in a better position in the upper gallery area where the fluing could be hidden.

​The entire project took 4 engineers 7 weeks to complete and was all completed on schedule, in time for Christmas.


HeatinGlobal fitted our church with a brand new heating system, from scratch, in the winter of 2017.  The workmen who came were extremely hardworking, often in freezing conditions for long hours, very friendly and considerate, and did everything they could to make sure that when we needed to use the church for funerals or baptisms the place was clean and tidy – even at short notice.  As a result, we now have a church that never goes below the recommended minimum temperature for a stone building like ours, that can be toasty warm in a relatively short space of time, that looks very attractive, as all the radiators have been carefully colour co-ordinated so as to be almost invisible in some cases, and is so much more welcoming to everyone who enters. We’ve even had comments that it occasionally gets a little too warm!  A fantastic job by a lovely team of people – thank you.
Rev Jarvis

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