Moravian Church, Tameside, Manchester

The Challange

The Moravian church of Manchester contacted the UKs Number one church heating specialist for advice on the best ways to heat their church. The current heating system was provided via storage electrical wall heaters all of which was not enough to heat the church. The church was split from lower and upper hall spaces and the main large worship area. 

The Solution

The Existing electrical supply was out dated and the whole church needed to be re-wired. A church heating design was put in place to replace the hall heaters with new electrical units having the load I this area but increasing the heating by double. The new electrical heaters used were the Farho wall mounted units with built-in thermostat controls allowing the church hall to control the 2 areas independent from each other. 

The main worship area was a much larger space and was the coldest place. The existing wall storage heaters were all removed and replaced with new fan convected Dimplex heaters. These heaters allowed the church to maintain a low level temperature at all times and when required to boost the heating. The new 4.6kw heaters now gave the church the heating they required along with the control. The whole new system was connected onto new 12 way consumer unit and timer control.

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