Mount Calvary Baptist Church, Swansea

The Challange

Mount Calvary Church in Swansea, Wales, contacted the UK’s number one church heating team after having a complete building refurbishment, and part of  the project included a new boiler installation. The church had various work completed including the fitting of a brand new kitchen, W/C and meeting rooms. The issue was they could not get any parts of the church warm even after hours of running. Our specialist church heating engineers performed a complete system survey and operations test, and discovered a number of issues:

  1. The boiler that was installed was not big enough to heat the hall area or the main church and vestry rooms
  2. Small domestic style radiators had been installed in-between the pews, which were not sufficient
  3. Not enough radiators were installed in the back meeting rooms or main hall to provide adequate heat coverage
  1. Various boiler room faults with under sized pumps and a faulty control system to name just a few.

The Solution

Given the range of problem, it was vital for our engineers to put together a detailed project proposal, and a design was put together to install new commercial condensing boilers which were split into 4 heating zones. These came complete with new pumps, controls and the new radiators which were required.  The new boilers needed to be connected together to provide 120kw of heat into any of the required heating zones.

Imitation cast sectional radiators were added onto the system  to ensure they blended in with the rest of the system and were more aesthetically pleasing than modern looking options. The main worship area had all of its existing heating system removed and was replaced with new under pew coil heating. This was ran around the entire church, including the gallery area.

New radiators were also installed which are powder coated to blend with the church walls and wooden panels. Where existing radiators had been removed, the walls were patched up and painted to ensure there was no sign of the previous system or unsightly marks.

The complete new church heating system took 3 weeks to install, leaving the church with a reactive and well balanced heating system that can be enjoyed for many years to come.


On behalf of the congregation at Mount Calvary would you please thank all those involved in the installation of the heating system both for the way they carried out the work and the tidy way they left the premises. We switched the system on on Sunday to prove to the congregation that it worked. I think lovely and warm was an understatement – I know it wasn’t cold outside but people were taking their coats off, something that hasn’t happened for at least 40 years!
Mrs Davis – Church Warden

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