A new church boiler could save you thousands each month

We have recently carried out a study to see exactly how much money you could save by upgrading your old church boiler to a brand new energy efficient one, and the results may shock you. The average saving was £1000 per month, and the highest was a staggering £4000 per month saving.

Some of the churches we spoke to have church boilers that are so old, that even we struggle to work them out! The oldest system we encountered was a 200 year old coal fuelled system in Manchester that was so old, it had heated 3 generations of churchgoers. We were amazed that it was still operational, but it was hanging on by a thread. The furnace had to be manually stoked, which was of course hard physical work, as well as hazardous to health. The running cost of the system was extortionate, but after raising the much needed funds, the church were able to finally afford a new system.
The Church Heating Specialists fitted a brand new combi-boiler which not only saved a lot of space, but was also quieter and cleaner. The savings the church is now seeing is around £1200 per month due to the new boilers’ energy efficiency.