New Song Community Church, Bromsgrove

The Challange

New song community church came to HeatinGlobal with the task that no other heating company could complete. The church was currently heated via a Powermatic cabinet heater providing warm air in the main church via a duct shaft. The ventilation system was split by the church hall and the main worship area. The church wanted the warm air system re-directing to the main church only to provide a higher heat output and quicker warm up time and a separate heating system to provide the heat for the hall area and side rooms. 

HeatinGlobal did the heat loss calculation on the ventilation shaft and had the new ducting work specially made to provide the heat needed. The new duct work was run through the old chimney stack and through two floors into the basement area were the duct was connected back into the existing heat shaft. 

The Solution

The walls and ceiling was re-plastered after by our own in house heating engineer/ Building contractor. The external duct work was protected by 250mm of insulation to conserve all the heat and a weather prove box was built around the duct. The hall area was heated via a new high rated combination boiler providing heat to and additional 10 radiators and a new filter system.


“We are so glad we called in the professionals to complete a professional job, Extremely pleased” 

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