New Testament Church, Manchester

The Challange

New Testament Church in Old Trafford, Manchester, contacted us with the challenge of designing a heating system that would please the Victorian society. This Grade II listed church was closed for around 10 years and was a historical icon in the local area.

​Part of the scheme was to reuse some of the existing radiators to align with the terms of the renovation by using the church’s original fixtures. Before it was decided if these could be used, 2 old cast iron radiators was sent off to be sand blasted, powder coated and then air tested to ensure they would withstand the new heating system temperatures. Once all the information was gathered, a heating design was completed by using new wall hung high efficiency condensing boilers located back into the existing boiler room and a new 4 zone system installed. This allowed the church to independently heat the various rooms including the main worship area, offices, side rooms and entrance.

The Solution

The smaller rooms in the church was heated by flat panel radiators that had been coated to blend in with the brick coloured walls. The main worship area was heated with a mixture of fan assisted radiators around the perimeter of the room and reusing the new pressure tested cast iron radiators. Existing steal heating loops were required to remain in place but not connected to the new pipe works. The Victorian society required RAL number for all equipment that was powder coated .

All work was completed in just 2 weeks which allowed the church to then have newly fitted carpets and chairs ready for the grand opening day, which was well received by the congregation and clergy, as well as the local authority.


Your company was recommended to use by a local architect and we are so grateful of this as you all did such a fantastic job. Really hope you can all make it to the opening event as there is so many people that would love to meet you all for giving us a warm church
Paster Herbie

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