Northampton Church Gets An Infrared Heating System Overhaul

The Challange

St Boltolph Church ins Slapton, Northampton came to The Church Heating Specialist with a rather strange problem. The actual fabric of the building was being severely affected by the church infrared heating system, so it was down to our specialist heating engineers to investigate the issue, and resolve the problems.


Paint on the church walls was flaking away, wallpaper was peeling, and plaster had began to crumble. I was immediately clear that if the problem was not fixed soon, it could cause more damage, and cause more long-term and severe issues.

The Solution

The fix turned out to be a simple one, the infrared heating system had been positioned incorrectly, and the direct heat supplied by the lamps was causing the walls to dry out. All we needed to do was re-position the heaters. This along with repairing the damaged walls was simple enough, and the church decided that it would make sense to also upgrade the system. Our technicians installed extra lamps, ran new cabling and conduit in the solid flooring, and also installed extra power points so that new infrared heating lamps could be purchased and easily installed in the future.

The PPC members were delighted with the work, especially with it only taking 4 days to complete. There was no interruption to Sunday service, and we even left the church hall spotlessly clean.


“ we thought the job would take 5-7 days and we would be left with a church that would require a full clean. Your guys worked so hard, long hours and left our church spotless. Big thanks to all involved”
– PCC member Linda

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