Church receives £39,000 heating grant

The Project

The environmental grant has been awarded to the local church, along with one other in the area to improve their current church heating systems.  Veolia Environmental Trust (VET) has awarded has presented the grant of nearly £40k to the Church which will go towards the installation of a new heating system for the church’s community hall area.A state of the art under-floor heating system, which is powered by a renewable energy system, will replace the old boiler and radiator system that is currently in place.  The existing system is inefficient, and is not only losing money, but also damaging the environment.


The community Church on Andover Road is just one of 77 churches that have received a church heating grant from Veolia Environmental Trust, which total to £2,500,000 worth of funding.  To find out if your church is eligible for a grant, call the church heating experts now on 0161 211 6955 

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