Keeping Warm with Gas Heaters for Petts Wood Methodist Church!

The Challange

Petts Wood Methodist Church, Kent contacted Church Heating Specialists with complaints of high running costs of their heating sysytem. They had 5 outated storage heaters that are expensive to run effieciently. This medium sized church needed a new and updated heating system to warm their congregation n colder days. 

The Solution

Church Heating Specialists attended Pett Wood Methodist Church, Kent and carried out a thorough report and came up with a plan to install 2 brand new Drugasar Art 10 gas heaters rated at 10.5kw each. In keeping with the busy atmosphere within Pett Wood, we installed these into a solenoid valve so that they could be controlled via a timer. During installation, we did not want to disturb the events at the church or the aesthetic of this beautiful church, therefore Church Heating Specialists did an external gas run from one side of the church to the other over the flat roof. 

We are happy with the results of this installation, knowing that running costs will be reduced for the church whilst keeping the congregation warm through the colder weather. 

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