The Church Heating Specialists Return to Manchester


Our church heating engineers were delighted to return to our home town of Manchester to work on St Christopher’s Church heating system in Withington. Being a long standing client of ours, we were the first port of call when it came to the much needed heating upgrade.

Whilst our heating technicians have been maintaining the church heating system for a number of years now, it was finally time to update their set up. Increasing repair costs and maintenance meant that it would be more economical to actually install a completely new system.

Knowing the existing system inside and out was advantageous as it meant we could remove the boilers, pipes and radiators with relative ease, and replacing everything with brand new equipment meant nothing was left to chance. We were also able to re-use many of the components, including zone valves, this saved the church money, and saved out engineers time. We also saved space by relocating the water storage unit into the roof, and made an effort to conceal pipes to keep the church hall looking clean any tidy.

To bring the heating system right up to date we installed a 3 zone smart controller, allowing remote access to turn the heating on and off.

We were able to complete the work in just 7 days, much to the delight of the church owners as it caused very little disruption to proceedings.