40% Saving on Scotland Church’s Gas Bill!

The Challange

Orchardhill Parish Church, Scotland was built in the early 1900s by Henry Clifford and was of sound structure for its time, however, now in 2019 the Church had a variety of issues with their heating systems, from high running costs to low efficiency. Orchardhill Parish Church, Scotland contacted the Church Heating Specialists to help with this issue, in the hope we would be able to reduce the running cost for the Church. We sent out our experts to run an evaluation of the work that was needed to be done, it was found that the existing boiler system was outdated with two floor-standing boilers that needed replacing, they also had old radiators throughout the Church that were insufficient.

The Solution

Church Heating Specialists started work on Orchardhill Church immediately, starting with replacing the existing boiler system with 2 new Ideal Evomax 120 x 150 high efficiency condensing boilers, these were split into 5 zones to create maximum heating capabilities. Church Heating Specialist’s also replaced all of the radiators throughout the Church with newer, better heating radiators along with a whole new pipework system. Once all this was completed we finished off the work with some paint to give a professional finish that kept with the Church’s beautiful interior.

The completed work saved Orchardhill Parish Church, Scotland up to 40% on their gas bills!

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