Smart System fitted for

All Saints Church, Croxley green

The Challange

All Saints Church, Croxley Green contacted Church Heating Specialists back in 2017 looking for advice on how they could get heat evenly throughout the church as they were getting some real uneven heat patterns. They had an old fan convection system connected to some old open flue boilers which can be costly to run and maintain long term. 

The Solution

Church Heating Specialists’ expert engineers were sent out to evaluate and report on All Saints Church’s heating issues, after looking at 2-3 different options for the church, the church committee agreed the best course of action was a full heating system instaled was the best option.  We started to do some design works for them, working with plans and existing heating systems, we ensured we used specific radiator styles and locations to suit the wall behind and their new colour scheme, installing underfloor heating coils the trench was insulated and now provided with much-needed heat down the central nave of the church. Various areas of the stonework floors were removed to allow for new pipes, which minimised the use of service runs pipes which spoil any atheistic wall features of the church. The boilers were changed for new high efficiency condensing boilers along with a new filtration system so the church will see a massive £455 reduction in running cost. All the system was connected to a smart control so to allowed the church office to control the heating from the PC, tablet or smart phone. All works were booked in for 2 weeks but were done in just 7 days giving less disruption in the church!

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