St Andrews Methodist church, Bradford

The Challange

St Andrews church contacted the church heating specialist with advise on the best way forward to up grade there current heating system. The current church boilers was old floor standing Hamworthy boilers and had slowly become to the end of there life. The church had 3 real options in regards to up grading all dependant on cost. The first cost put to the church was just to replace the church boilers for a like for like swap. 

The cost to complete such works was cheap but not a long term answer for the church. The second option was to install new wall hung condensing boilers. This would have reduce the church running cost massively and give the church the heat it needed along with storage space. The third option was to replace the old heating system with a new Biomass heating system complete with buffer tank and vacuum silo for pellet storage. The biomass system was calculated and checked with the local authority that if the church installed a Biomass heating boiler then would gain £9,000 per year in government RHI payback. 

The Solution

The payback contract was for 25 years so this allowed the church to gain some much needed extra income to complete other works in the church. The church decided on the install of the new Biomass system and works was completed in 4 weeks. The old church boilers was removed and the old oil tank cut out and replaced with a new 3 tonne silo. The new church biomass boiler due to its size and weight needed to be craned into position. 

​The church are now using just 4 tonnes of fuel a year at a cost of just £210 per tonne and gaining government payback guaranteed for 25 years.


We couldn’t believe how the figures worked out and the fact it really does pay to leave the heating on. Everybody is amazed at the church at how the system is preforming and producing a future income for us to stay open. We have contacted the central Methodist church in London with the great results along with a glowing report of how you guys completed the install from start to finish. Thank you all from everybody at St Andrews for securing the future of the church for years to come
Martin – Church Warden

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