St. Barnabas Church, Bath

St Barnabas Church in Bath was having issues with the heating system, experiencing warm floors but a cold atmosphere. The church was also suffering with damp, expensive running cost and a failing boiler. 

After reviewing the church’s plans and speaking with there local heating advisor at the diocese, a system design was put together that would provide the church with a comfortable heating conditions, reduced running cost by more than half, and a solution which would provide protection to the church fabric. The existing floor standing boiler was located in a below ground boiler room down a ladder, so it needed to be broken into sections and all pipe works cut into small sections to allow removal.

Once the church boiler room was empty, the new boilers were lowered into position and work then began on the split zone heating system. The heating system was split using a plate to plate heat exchanger and then by 2 zonal areas. The church under floor heating was one zoned, and the new fan assisted radiators installed on a separate circuit. 

A total of 7 new heaters were installed and to help with the heat loss calculation, along with 3 new ceiling fans. All work was completed in just 5 days, which included erecting a full scaffold in the church to gain access to the fans. The warm up times now have been reduced from being switched on at 4am in the morning to just 2 hours before service times.

Parish Priest Catherine – “Thank you all for such a great job, Thank you also for sticking with us through the long slow process”.

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