St. Chads Church, Pattingham, Wolverhampton

The Challange

St Chads Church in Pattingham, Wolverhampton contacted The Church Heating Specialist after speaking to other heating companies who didn’t provide adequate proposals. St Chads then got advice from churches in their area who recommended our services, after successfully installing church heating systems for them.

This grade 1 listed church was struggling with cold spots, and the status of the building was proving difficult to get the right heating balance. A project proposal was put together to retain all of the existing radiators, with the added extra radiators in areas where they were needed.

​The existing trench areas were re-used and fitted with new fin coil heating pipes which also ran down the back of the high alter and under the pews. The previous church boiler was located in a dirty and damp pit, and the staff wanted to stay away from this area, as the boilers and controls were difficult to reach. The advice was taken from local planning and the DAC to install the new boilers in the vestry and install a vertical flue to ensure the flue could not be seen from the main road or neighbours property.

The Solution

The entire Victorian cast pipe network was removed, and sections of the tiled floor needed to be re-built as the floor were sitting on the heating pipes. Once all the old heating loops were removed, the trench areas were cleared and insulated to prevent future heat loss. A new flow and return pipe circuit were installed along with under pew and back alter heating loops. New twin boilers were installed to provide a master and slave boiler system, resulting in minimal running cost with maximum heat output. A full new control system was also installed, allowing the church to run a low-level ambient temperature and then maximum temperatures on demand.

​The project took 4 weeks to complete but the entire church was cleaned and prepared every Wednesday and Friday to ensure service in the church was never missed.


“This has been a very slow and long process and there was times we never thought we would get permission. Thanks for helping out every step of the way with faculty meetings and constant change of plans. It’s a heating system well worth the wait for” – Church warden Dave

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