St Dunstans Church, Monks Risbrough, Oxfordshire

St Dunstans church is the oldest recorded parish in  England so there was no surprise that they contact the church heating specialist to design and install a heating system for there church. The church was currently heated by an old floor standing boiler, under sized pumps and very poor control system. The church was under heated and it was decided to add on some much needed radiators. 

The design and spec of the radiators needed to match the existing system so after some much searching around we found a perfect match. 5 new cast iron radiators was installed in the church in various places along with new steal heating loops to provide extra heating in the church. A air curtain was added over the main bell tower door allowing a nice warm welcome for all. The old existing header tanks was removed and new pressure vessels was installed taking into consideration the old church pipe work. New church boilers was also installed and some much needed ventilation in this area. 

​The pump was replaced along with some better timer and thermostats in the church. All works was completed in just 6 days ensuring that this busy little parish didn’t miss out on any Sunday service. The new church heating system looks like its always been there except the fact the church is now warm and running at only a fraction of the cost.

Rev James Tomkins – “Thank you for giving out beautiful church the warmth it was missing. After such a long time of meeting after meeting it was worth the end result to see such a fantastic and well thought out heating job. Thanks to all your engineers and office staff who assisted us during every step. God Bless”

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