St. Edmund’s Church, Little Hulton

The Challange

St. Edmund’s church was built in 1899 and stands proud of its surroundings. The church does a lot for the local community and the church efforts are shown in return by the crowds that turn up to Sunday service, keeping these people warm is an easy task for HeatinGlobal ltd, the church heating specialist. 

The Solution

The church is constructed of standard brick triple cavity and with good wall insulation the church holds the heat well.  HeatinGlobal ltd maintain the heating system every year by striping down its temcana and rinnia gas heating system. The heaters need to be kept in full working order ensuring its filters are cleaned and has a full gas checked in order. HeatinGlobal ltd offer full maintenance contracts on all types of church heating systems with an 48hr call out any were in the UK.

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