St Francis Church, Bournemouth

The Challange

St Francis church contacted the church heating specialist when they began to have issues with getting a company to assist them in the design and application process needed for the Winchester diocese approval. The diocese required scale line drawing, a specification for each of the items going in and also a full heat loss calculation of the whole church heating system.  

The old church heating system had been removed by members of the church to keep the overall costs down and to save on time on the installation process. The church heating before was done by a cabinet heating blowing warm air into various areas of the church.  The balance to the church heating, however, was incorrect as the alter area was always too warm and the back of the church was cold due to poor heat distribution. The church had spent over £40,000 on a new floor and needed heating asap to protect from frost and to protect the newly laid floor.

The heating consultant at the diocese and ourselves had numerous conversations about the right kind of look and type of system for the church.  Approval was finally given and the system chosen was a pair of Ideal Evo max boilers, all being connected to a new timer and thermostat control for better use of the church heating

The Solution

The church heating system had a new commercial Magna Clean installed to ensure the system clean and clear all year round. The new system was laid in existing trenches and then service copper pipe work was installed at low level to give the church a good modern fresh look. The radiator style chosen was the flat panel style compact to give the church a non domestic look to its heating system. 

The church had issues were we couldn’t get radiators installed to its system so we installed heating loops on the church heatingpipework to allow for a good flow of heating water to pass through the pipes and to heat up those areas of church that are normally cold. The overall balance to the church heating was now correct and there was no issues with cold spots or waterfalls of cold air coming down from the church balcony above. 

The whole church heating system was now runs at a minimum temperature of 7 degrees and a maximum temperature of 18 degrees. The church had been waiting for its new heating system for some months and due to the new flooring the installation process was required asap.  HeatinGlobal and the church decided to go ahead straight away with the project but we only had a 6 day time slot. The church heating system was due to take 3 weeks however due to the 18 hour days and a great working effort by all the whole project was completed in just 5 days.


Fr David ‚Äď ‚ÄúI cant believe the amount of hard work and hours your engineers have put into this project this week. I am so pleased at the whole attitude of all your staff and could not ask for anything more. To think we was going to be out of church for 3 weeks while the new church heating was installed, But for your guys to come and do the whole thing in just 5 days is¬†fantastic. Thank you all so much and I hope you all have a well earned Christmas break.‚ÄĚ

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