St. George’s Church, Stalybridge

The Challange

St Georges church came to HeatinGlobal with an extremely tight budget and needed a lot of changes making to their current heating system to reduce running cost and maximize what they already had. The church was currently heated by a floor standing potterton heat only boiler. The heating system was not zoned into areas and was not controlled other than with an on/off switch. 

The Solution

Based on the budget the church gave us we was able to supply and fit two new keston 55 heat only boilers and zone the system off into areas. The church now has controllable room and frost stat along with a two zone clock. The church heating system was power flushed out to remove all the black sludge water that had built up through the years, We also fitted new TF1 filters on both boilers to ensure a nice clean system all year round. The warm up time in church has now been slashed from 8 hours to just an hour and half.


Janet ”everybody at the church was so pleased with the way the job was run from start to finish, We cannot believe how hot the heating system now get with some simple changes being made. Thank you” 

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