St. Gills Church, Devon

St Gills Church in Devon contacted the church heating specialist with a recommend from another church. The church was struggling to find a company with the knowledge and experience to work with the type of system they required.

The church had already looked at various other types of systems and before our specialist church heating engineers got involved they had agreed to install a Rinnai gas wall heating system replacing the old Drugasar heaters. The new gas heaters required some building work to enable them fit into the existing spaces and entire system needed re-wiring. To ensure on faculty and DAC approval, our engineers had to ensure the church heating system would have all new electrical supplies hidden and connected to a new timer control. 

The church had agreed to dispose of all the old heaters and supply a rubbish skip to minimise all cost so this meant our engineers could concentrate on installing all the new heaters in just 3 days. The church now had a forced convected heating system which ensured there was no cold spots in the church and was even connected to a new timer control so all was warm as the entered.

David Barnes – Church Warden: “Ill be sure to let the Diocese know how helpful and smooth the whole project was done. Its glad to know there is companies still out there that care about what they do.

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