St James church, Fulmer, Buckinghamshire

St James contacted the church heating specialist after having issues with there current trench heating. The old cast church pipes was beyond repair and needed replacing. The church had recently installed a new boiler and so they was looking to just add onto the existing church boiler and controls. A survey and heat loss calculation was done to work out exactly what was needed. 

The current church boiler was under sized but could be better used. The old pump and the way the system had been piped up all needed to be changed. It was agreed to install a full new flow and return trench heating system with added coils down the church walls under the pews and to add on extra heating in the chancel and bell tower area. All of which was connected to a new timer and thermostat control system. 

The church pump was replaced for a new Eco pump and was filtrated through a new anti Oxide system to ensure the church pipes never blocked up again. The Church in the past had never been able to get above 15 degrees even after leaving the church heating on for more than 24 hours were now we had the church thermostat control shutting down on 25 degree in just 3 hours. 

​The entire church trench heating was insulated to prevent cold air dragging down the new coil heating and all the old cast iron pipes removed.

Church Warden – Mr Townsend “Your guys were booked to be here for 7 days and I am stunned at the hours and effort they put it. The new church heating system was installed in just 4 days and it looks like you have never even set foot in the place. Everybody on Sunday was amazed at how warm the place was. Thank you all so much and God bless”

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