St James Church, Clerkenwell, London

St James church in Clerkenwell, London, contacted the church heating specialist with the challenge to change there one single heating zone to a 3 zone heating system. The church was used on a daily basis by various different groups from bible study to live stream filling in the crypt areas so reducing there heating cost was a big part of the plan.

The church wanted a heating system that would allow them to heat rooms in the church that wouldn’t mean switching the whole system on when it wasn’t required. The current church boiler was an old Potterton boiler and after completing a heat loss calculation in the church it was clear that the boiler was also under sized for the size of church.

The heat being produced was by cast heating loops and radiators situated around the church so it was important to get the system pipe work correct along with a good control system. A church heating design spec was put in place to install new 160kw floor standing boilers which was giving 180kw more than the present church boiler. 

The new church boilers was then connected to 3 new circulation pumps along with filtration and chemical dosing pots. This would ensure that the new church boilers would heat the church quickly on demand and that maximum efficiency would be up held by keeping the system clean from the in side out. The main worship area was under-heated, so new heating loops was added on the gallery area along with new steal heating loops around the centre pews. 

The church well and crypt area had all the existing trench heating cleaned out and pipes cleaned before being insulated beneath and around the pipes to provide more heat in these areas. The work was done around a busy church schedule and to ensure the church didn’t loose any rental revenue it was agreed for out of hours works to be done working from 9pm-7am. Works was due to run on the church heating system for a total of 15 working days but all was completed in just 7 days. This meant the church could now charge for the heating on and less revenue was lost than first anticipated. 

Church office manager Julie – “ Thanks for all the help with our new church heating system, Thanks for all the visits made to the church and help throughout the faculty application. A very helpful, professional and respectful company”

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