St. James Church, Reading

St Jame’s Church in Reading is a grade 2* listed building and had its previous church boiler was turned off due to leaks causing water to pour into the bell tower. 

The church wanted to know what its options were with regards to making improvements on its running cost and efficiency. The church was currently burning around £4,000 a year on heating the building, and choosing the right contractor would all depend on performance guarantees. 

Our church heating engineers devised a plan and produced calculations to show that by installing new twin boilers on a new split zone system would save the church around £2,900 per year. The proposal was accepted, and the old boiler was removed and replaced with new twin boilers giving the church faster warm up times and better control of the areas it wanted to heat. The location of the boiler room was moved to ensure any future issues could be handled with little damage. The church heating system was power flushed out and a new filter was added to catch any internal sludge. A new set of pumps were installed along with new minimum and maximum room thermostat controls. All work was done in just 4 days allowing the church to plan meetings and functions around this very quick installation time.

Warden – Karen: “From everybody at St James church we would like to say a big thank you and after the first quarter gas bills it shows all your calculations was correct in the saving cost. Thanks again.”


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