St. John The Baptist Church, Kent

St Johns The Baptist Church in Kent contacted The Church Heating Expert with an email enquiry after receiving quotes from other contractors to replace the existing boiler. They asked our heating engineers to look at the various different quotes and advise on the best solution. With a team of church heating engineers working in the area on another project it was no problem for us to go over to St Johns and look at their system more in depth. A heat loss calculation was done on the church and a scheme put together which the church was happy with, undercutting other contractors in price while still providing top quality products and installation finish. 

Work began straight away and the old church floor standing boiler was replaced with a new wall hung commercial condensing boiler and the existing asbestos flue removed by a specialist subcontractor. The entire heating system was power flushed and existing pumps and controls replaced with new components. It was agreed due to the limited time slot that we would allocate enough engineers on the job to ensure the works was done in just one day. With 3 engineers on the job and a long 15 hour day, the entire project was completed in the day allowing the church to get back to normal and start reducing the running cost.

​Church warden David “ We’re so glad we looked at an alternative company for advice, and we certainly didn’t think it was possible to get all work done in one day, fantastic job, well done”

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