St. Johns Church, Glossop

St Johns Church in Glossop asked us to bid for the church heating tender, based on a specification which was compiled by another heating company. Our specialist church heating engineers studied the specifications, and it became clear that the new proposed system would not work. We set to work putting together a new heat loss calculation, along with a whole new system design which was approved by the local heating consultant at the Diocese. 

The current church boiler was failing and the radiators installed in church wasn’t enough to get the church up to temperature. The current inlet gas pipe was full of metal shaving and was causing endless issues with gas valves. A plan was put together to install 2x new wall hung boilers on all new pipe work. The existing pump and church timer control was in good enough condition to re-use, which helped keep the costs down. 

The inside of the church was severely under heated, and so a new, better balanced heating system was installed to give an even heat and get the church up to temperature as and when required. Flat panel radiators were installed to work along side the current fan assisted units, and sections of heating loops under the pews had to be removed. An all new radiator thermostat was installed and the existing heating system was power flushed out. 

A new gas main was installed at the entrance area of the church. This meant a whole new line was required, which had to be dug out by hand as access for a digger was not possible. A total of 65 meters of new gas pipe was installed from the new meter to the boiler room position. This meant there would be no more issues regards the gas line blocking up. The entire project took 2 weeks.

Linda – church warden: “Thanks for all the help, glad we took your advise as the church has never been so warm. Everybody is slow pleased. Thanks again”

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