St. Johns Church, Sale, Manchester

St Johns Church in Sale, Manchester, contacted the UK’s number one church heating company for some advice on their ageing boilers and high running cost. The existing heating system consisted of two old floor standing boilers which heated both the main church and church hall. Neither could be controlled independently, which was an issue that needed to be addressed.

Our church heating engineers performed a survey on the system, taking into account the age and type of boilers, and calculations showed that by changing the current boilers on a new split zone heating system the church could save 50% on the gas consumption. A heating design plan was put together, and the plan was to replace the existing boilers with new wall hung high efficiency condensing boilers on a new multi zone heating system. The new boilers required new exit holes for the flues so help was provided with the faculty process.

The existing radiators were sufficient, so did not need to be replaced, saving the church even more money. The radiators and pipework was flushed out and a chemical treatment was implemented into the system which would catch on a new filter, keeping the church boilers and pipe works clean of Oxide for years to come.

The current gas supply was also under sized and changed for a new 54mm supply from the meter to new boiler positions. The current control system was an old 7 day clock, located in the boiler room, so changing times and setting was a real inconvenience for the church and its wardens. A new smart control system was installed, allowing the client to now control the heating via their smart phone, tablet or PC from anywhere in the world.

The project was completed in just 5 days, leaving the church with a warm welcoming feel, just in time for the Sunday service.

Rev Richard – ”Very fast response time and positive feed back from the treasurer”

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