St. John’s Church, Golcar

The Challange

St Johns church contacted HeatinGlobal in the summer of 2011 with the task of a full new system for the church. The task was to spilt the heating system into different zones. The church community room was used on a daily basis and needed splitting into 3 zones. The boiler also had to provide instant hot water to a well used kitchen and toilet area. 

The task was not to disturb any of the classes and meeting arranged by the church has calculations due to construction works was a loss in revenue for the church. We had to choose our working hours carefully in this area of the church to ensure things was completed on time and no disruptions was made in the community area. 

The Solution

The main worship area was split into 2 zones, The balcony area and the lower church. The old church boiler was removed along with all the old cast sectional pipes and radiators. 

A new energy efficient boiler system was installed along with new trench heating in the nave, Triple panel radiators down the side walls and chancel and double panel radiators on the balcony area. The vestry room was heated via a stand alone Drugasar heater that provided enough heat to protect the fabric of the building and keep away damp and frost. 

The new trench heaters was insulated by 50mm foil back boards which allows good air flows and no loss of heat threw the floor space. The boiler house was sealed off from the flow of cold air coming in threw the floor ducts and new controllable thermostats was installed in the church for now maximum control and comfort. From start to finish the project took just 5 weeks to complete.


Jeremy Cuss- “A very professional job completed, I would not have any issues recommending your company and we will be having you back to complete the annual maintenance checks”

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