St Lukes Church, Gloucestershire

The Challange

St Lukes church first contacted the church heating specialist after getting some bad advice from local contractors. The church contacted thier Diocese consultant who advised the church to get our design team in to help them progress in the right direction. 

After our specialist church heating engineers assessed the church it was clear they had been left in the dark with regards to not knowing which way to turn or which advice to take. Once we had provided a heat loss calculation and other church references a trust had been built between the church and the country’s number one church heating team. 

The Solution

The plan then was to up grade the current system without the need of replacing all the existing system as the church first thought. The existing boiler was replaced with new high efficiency wall hung boilers along with the correct size circulation pumps and filtration system to ensure the church heating system stays clean and clear all year round. The main church heating was been provided by steal heating loops so extra cast Victorian radiators was added to the church heating system to boost the overall heat output and blend with its church feel. New and better controls were added to the church heating system which now made it user friendly yet tamper proof. The work was all completed in just 5 days which pleased the church as no services needed to be cancelled or put back. 


Head office- Phil “We can’t believe the amount of heat being produced from the existing system. We are so glad we took the time to consult the right sort of advise and the right team to do the job. Thanks to all your guys”

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