St. Margaret’s Church, Oldham

The Challange

St Margaret’s church first contacted HeatinGlobal in the spring of 2010 with the task of a full new heating system needed within a tight budget. The current heating system was a typical Victorian cast sectional pipe work and radiators heating the main body of the church. The centre nave of the church was heated by triple cast heating pipes threw the floor grating. 

Large sections of the church system were leaking and the boiler controls was beyond control and repair. The church was wasting a lot of money on heating the church when it was not in use. The large church boilers were in the lower boiler house and were more than 50years old. HeatinGlobal first started the new church heating system in the New Year of 2011 after long discussions and meetings with English Heritage and Architects to provide a suitable heating system that was acceptable for all.

The Solution

The church heating system was drained down and all the existing heating system was removed which was weighed in at 3.3 tons of scrap metal. Most of the existing radiators were taken out with care which the church saved to clean and re-sell. The heating system was installed by a mixture of steel flow and return pipes connecting to square fin coil radiator fins for maximum heat. The final finish was a boxed finish with a wooden retractable grill allowing easy maintenance and a very professional new looks about the church. 

The centre nave and chancel area was heated by re-using the existing trench and installing new 2” fin coil pipes. These are a good way of heating any cold spots in a church. The church heating system was zoned into three areas, the main church, Lady Chapel and vestry areas; this gives a massive saving to the church fuel costing as there is now no need to heat all areas of the church when it is not needed. 

The old boiler house was completely stripped back taking down walls and removing all the old system. The two new church boilers was now Keston wall hung condensing boilers allowing more storage space and cheep running cost. The job from start to finish took a total of 4 weeks and HeatinGlobal left St Margaret’s church with a very pleased and warm church committee.

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