St. Mary’s Church, Derby

The Challange

St Mary’s contacted HeatinGlobal with the problems of the church heating was not warm enough even after running the system for a number of hours. After assessing the existing system we found a number of issues to save the church on running cost without replacing the full system which most other companies suggested. 

The Solution

We replaced the two domestic boilers for a Keston C110 condensing boiler and added extra radiators in the main church area. We added a heating loop to the rear of the church to prevent the water fall of cold air coming from the upper level of the church. The existing system was then flushed through to maximise the heating flow and a new filter system was installed. The heating now can rise from 5 degrees to 18 degrees in just a 45 minute time scale with the help of a new controllable room thermostat and clock control. 

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