St. Mary’s Church, Hannenham, Bucks 

The Challange

HeatinGlobal ltd was contacted by St Marys church about some professional advise over there heating system. The existing system was Diesel fired and was expensive to run when required. 

We gave the church various options on how to increase overall heat output and reduce overall running cost. The final decision was taken by the church committee to have a new natural gas line installed to the church. 

The Solution

The existing boiler was broken down into sections and removed along with the existing diesel tank. The decision was made to re-use a lot of the existing cast sectional radiators and adding on new triple panel triple convected radiators giving the church more heat output and even distribution. The existing pew areas was a cold spot for the church so we installed new fin coils along with a new solid oak runner track for easy access and a professional look. 

The high alter area was also suffering from a cold spot mainly being created by the large stain glass window. For the high alter area we installed a new heating loop which allowed a steady flow of warm air to rise up and over the window creating an air curtain, This keeping cold air out and warm air in. 

Once the system was completely power flushed, chemical tested and balanced the church now estimate to save around £3,000 per annum.


Graham Tyak: “The project was due to run over a 3 week period, But the hard work and effort put in by all the lads they have completed the whole project in just 6 days. Very impressed and highly recommended, Thank you”.

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