St. Mary’s Church, Honley

The Challange

St Mary’s church came to HeatinGlobal in the winter of 2009 with the problem of not having enough heat output in the church and expensive running cost.  The church heating system consist of old Victorian cast sectional pipe work which was full of sludge causing the system to run very poor. 

The Solution

HeatinGlobal came up with a design to remove all the existing heating system and boilers and replace it with a new energy efficient heating system. The church needs wanted a more controllable system that would suit everybody that attended the church; this meant splitting the church into two zones. We installed two keston 55 wall hung boilers allowing more storage space in the boiler house and allowing the church heating system to be split into two zones. 

The new pipe work had to be hidden as much as possible to pass the architect specifications so parts of the church floor needed to be pulled up and re instated. The final system consisted of triple panel triple convected radiators installed down the sides of the church allowing a lot of the heat to flow to the upper balcony. 

The remaining part of the system was to keep the existing cast radiators and re-use them to keep the look of the old type heating system. The mixture of the two style of radiators gives a great balance and look to the church and more importantly the church congregation is now happy with the fast warm up times and cheap running cost. 


Mr. Radford “It’s nice to have a warm welcoming church again, a good job well completed”

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