St. Mary’s Church, Swynnerton, Stoke

After completing a successful church heating system installation at St Chads Church in Pattingham, the architects involved asked our engineers to attend St Marys and present with some ideas about what could be done with this church.

The current church boiler unit was installed in a neighbour’s property and needed to be relocated to a better position. The church owns a couple of out-houses, so these provided the perfect space and location for the new boiler position. The issue was all the pipes was buried below ground across the grave yard. A new path had to be dug while local geologist inspectors oversaw the project. Once a new channel had been completed, new pre-insulated pipes were installed in pipe sleeve and routed from the new boiler room to the church.

The existing system in the church was under sized for it’s requirements, and the plan was to install new fan assisted radiators around the church, making them work in conjunction with the existing radiators. Some of the current supply pipes were also under-sized, and so they were increased to give the correct flow and returns needed.

All work was completed just before Christmas ensuring there was a happy and warm congregation for the Christmas service.  The new system was connected to new pumps, plate-to-plate heat exchangers and a new control system that allowed the staff to maintain a low level constant ambient temperature, and adjust it as and when required.

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