St. Matthew’s Church, Southampton, Hampshire

St Matthews church in Southampton, Hampshire, contacted The Church Heating Specialist for advice on how they could improve both the efficiency and effectiveness of their current heating system. This grade listed church had limitation as to what work can be taken out, so they needed to explore their best options. 

The previous heating system was an old floor standing boiler with a vertical flue system which channeled up through a flat roof, which they wanted to get rid of this due to current water leak issues. The system was open vented and connected to medium gauge steel and fan assisted radiators. The fan convectors were in good positions but under-sized for what the heating requirements. 

A new church heating design was drawn up, and the plan was to install a new wall hung condensing boiler with a horizontal flue at the rear of the church. A new circulation pump , filtration system and pressure vessel were also installed to maximise the heating potential. The existing fan assisted radiators were replaced with new high-output units using, producing just 35 DCb of noise – a great improvement on the previous set up. The heaters were installed in the same positions apart from one which was turned onto a back wall to provide a better convection around the church. One heater was also powder coated to ensure it blended in with the wooden panel. A new electrical supply was run from the consumer board and heaters as the existing supply was dated and showing signs of breakage in the continuity test. All work was completed in just 4 days, allowing the church to still hold there weekly coffee mornings.

Rev William – “A great job, very warm and a real simple control system, best of all its fool proof. Can’t wait to see the results of running cost but signs look promising on the first quarter”

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