St Mellitus Church, Hanwell

The Challange

St Mellitus Church contacted Church Heating specialists back in 2015 for advice on different types of heating systems their church. We made various trips out to them to review the existing heating system and come up with a unique plan of action for their churches needs and requirements. Their existing system was an old cast iron boiler, located in the previous boiler room which fed many cast section radiators and cast heating loops. The main challenge would be removing the old boiler from the pit area as the weight of it meant it could not be lifted whole. 

The Solution

Church Heating Specialists came up with a unique plan that would ensure the work was carried out quickly, safely and with the least amount of disturbance to the church as possible. We broke down the existing boiler into smaller parts and individually lifted them from the pit, we then cleared this area as St. Mellitus Church needed this for storage.  Then once the final plans were approved we designed a heating system for the church that was to install a new 4 zone system allowing the church to heat all the various areas when required. A new church boiler room spec was drawn up that shown twin wall hung efficient boilers along with all new filters and circulation pumps to heat the church in under 2 hours. The heating system installed was via a mixed fan convected and natural convected heating system. Flat-panel radiators were installed in the lady chapel, small meeting and W/C areas while the main church was heated by Caspain fan convected units. The control system was also really important to the church as they required the heating to be set via the church calendar on PC control. By installing this control meant every time a booking was added to the church calendar the heating at church would switch on/off automatic to there required booking. All works were started in February 2017 and were completed in just 3 weeks but still leaving the church with a place to worship at a weekend. 


Thanks for all your patience over the years, well worth the time and patience”
Simon – Church Manager

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