St. Michaels and All Angels, Wiltshire

The Church Heating Specialist was contacted by St Michael And All Angels Church in Wiltshire after the current boilers had to be turned off for safety reasons. The existing boiler, water heater and stand-alone gas heater all needed changing as part of one package. 

The existing floor standing boiler had seen better days and was under sized for the volume of water it was trying to heat. The water heater was also not suitable for current gas regulations and the space gas heater needed changing due to lack of parts available. 

A new heating scheme was put together by the church architect and sent to our church heating engineers for approval. After looking over the heating spec and seeking advice from the local Diocese, full costing was submitted for the project. 

Once the budget was approved, a new wall hung condensing boiler was installed using the existing water heater flue which allowed our engineers to install without any new holes needed to be drilled into in the church building. New circulation pumps, plate to plate heat exchanger and heating controls was added so the church had an entire new boiler room system. The water heater was replaced with a new under sink electric heater and the gas space heater replaced with a new unit. All works was completed in just 5 nights allowing the church not to cancel any daily bookings they had in the hall.

Church warden – “After agreeing a night installation cost it was a no brainer for us as it allowed us to keep our weekly church income while having a new heating installed. Fantastic job throughout”

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