St. Nicholas Church, Canterbury, Kent

Our church heating engineers first visited St Nicholas back in 2015, and the faculty was finally granted funding in January 2018. The grade 1 listed building was previously heated by fan convected units and was causing condensation on the church plaster. The termination points were also causing issues by spoiling the look of the very old stone, so any new heating design needed to take these factors into account. 

After meeting with the diocese architect to discus the possible heating options, it was agreed to install a boiler and radiator system, but a more reliable fluing of the new boiler would be the most important factor. Our engineers looked at various areas of the church for fluing and siting of the boiler and it was finally agreed it should be done above the W/C area and be boxed in at a later date. The new heating supply pipes also need careful planning to ensure the routes they took was hidden where possible and supported correctly without drilling into any stone works.  

The church opted for fan assisted radiators that was coated to blend in with the church stone walls. All the new fan convected heaters were wired back to a central fan speed control system which allowed the church to not only regulate the heat but also turn the decibel levels down when needed. The new control system was connected to a smart unit which was WiFi enabled, so it allowed the church staff to control the new heating remotely from a laptop, tablet or mobile.

new wall hung Ideal Evo max boiler was installed with a standard flue kit, and when the new flue was installed, it was agreed that the core samples should be kept so they could be checked in the future if ever needed. The church then hired out a local building company to ensure that all the old heater flues removed were patched up correctly using local stone. 

6 of our very best engineers worked on the project as there was just a 5 day window for completion.

Church warden Angela: “Your guys all worked so hard and we didn’t think it would be possible to install such a heating system in the space we allowed you but you pulled it off. Forever blessings”

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