St. Pauls Church, Blackly


After successfully completing the church heating installation project at St Peter’s Church in Blackly, our specialist engineers were invited down to St Paul’s just down the road, to see what was required to improve the church heating system, as it wasn’t performing as it should.

Currently the church had two big old boilers which were leaking and kept cutting out due to under sized pumps and a buildup of sludge. The plan was to install new twin boilers to share the new heating load and flush the whole system out. This was only done with fresh clean water and chemicals as a power flush wasn’t needed in this instance. A power flush wasn’t done due to the existing system was mainly cast iron. To make sure the existing pipes were not over-pressurised, the new boilers were connected to a plate to plate heat exchanger, allowing the new system to stay clean and sealed while the old radiator and pipe work system could run at its normal pressure. 

The new condensing boilers were connected to a new low header and primary and secondary pumps were added. The boilers were also connected to the smart phone app allowing the church to have full control when needed. The work was completed in just 5 days and ensured the church still had heating on each Sunday service.
Vicar in charge – Eddie: “Thanks for another great heating system”


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