St. Paul’s Church, Bolton

The Challange

St Pauls church contacted HeatinGlobal after being advised from another heating that there current heating system was no good and they needed to start again. After attending the church and completing a full serve we found that making some basic changes to the current system would not only save the church running cost but save on the large expense of having to replace the whole system. 

The current heating system was an old floor standing boiler that was expensive to run and was taking up to 8 hours to heat the church. The church pipework was undersized and was causing restrictions on the flow as this was a one piped system. Secondly there was not enough heat output in the main body of the church. We came up with the design along with the church council to upgrade the pipework, and add on a number of triple panel radiators replacing the existing radiators. 

The Solution

The church boiler was removed and replaced with a more energy efficient boiler and a filter system was added to ensure the system stayed clean and clear all year round. The controls we added was a new tamper proof timer control along with new room thermostats wired into the boilers intelligence system. The church now only needs to put the heating on 50minutes before needing it.


Ivan leigh says “We are glad we found you and it’s been a pleasure from start to finish”

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