St. Paul’s Church, Oldham

The Challange

Saint Paul’s is very much a family church with its life centered on the Mass. The church has many on goings with mid day mass, coffee mornings and crèche areas. Saint Paul church contacted HeatinGlobal in regards to a more cost effective and controllable heating system. As with most churches there was a budget to work within to complete as much work as possible. After completing our survey the church was pleased with the result of being able to complete all works needed and well under the church budget. 

The Solution

The church had two Old Sime floor standing boilers which had no control and was extremely expensive to run. We removed the existing heating boilers and re arranged the boiler house set up for more storage space. We added on radiators in areas of the church to give a greater heat output. The rest of the system was flushed threw four times to ensure the heating supply was running clean and clear. The job was completed 2 days under time expected so no disruptions were made to any church concerts and functions.


Peter: “A fantastic job well completed and I would recommend HeatinGlobal to all my fellow church wardens.”

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