St Peters Church, Cheshire

The Challange

St Peters church Contacted The Church Heating Specialist to look at the church heating system in March 2013 and they had been previously advised by another firm that UFH alone was enough to heat the church to the required temperature. After doing all the calculations it was apparent that the under floor heating system in the church would not be enough, and our engineers advised that additional heating would be required to heat the building. 

The advice given by ourselves was not taken, and the church decided to award the heating contract to another heating company. After some time the church was back in touch looking for more advise in regards to the church heating system. The report came back that the church had installed the correct size boiler and controls, but did not allow for a maximum control system connected to additional radiators. 

The Solution

Luckily for the church, the boiler that was installed was big enough to cope with the extra demand needed to add on extra radiators. Once the extra work had been completed the church committee agreed that by trying to work on a tight budget and cutting corners that they should of paid the additional coatings and had all the work completed at the same time by ourselves.  The system is now working well and it has also reduced the overall church heating running cost by 12% as it is running more more efficiently.


Karen ward (church warden) – “Many thanks for all the visits and advice you gave to us and also the fact you did not mind correcting somebody else’s work.  Really appreciate everything you have done for our church”

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