St. Peter’s Church, London

St Peters Church in London contacted the church heating specialist after there current heating system was shut off. The church was currently heated by an old John Grundy warm air unit that was situated in the church boiler room and would push warm air into the church grills.

The main issue with the current church heating system was that all the heat was concentrated in just one area of the church. The church had damp issues on the side walls and on the far sides of the church so choosing the right balanced heating system for this church was important. Parts of the church is grade listed so it was important to position new units correctly and to make sure all existing supplies was hidden.

After looking at various electrical and radiator type heating systems the decision was made to use a fan assisted gas fired heater that could move air quickly around the church to ensure no cold spot areas. This meant installing new vents in the church walls and to run a new gas and electrical supply to each heater.

The current church gas meter was installed at the back of the church so a new channel had to be dug out around the church grounds to ensure no supplies was on show. All the ground works and heating system was done in just 4 long days but it was more important that the church didn’t loose a Sunday service due to exposed grounds around the church.

Six new Drugasar K16 heaters was installed giving the new church heating system 96kw of heat. The new church heaters was installed 3 on each side but the heater vents was only terminated on walls that wasn’t listed. Part of the faculty was to have the heater covers powder coated to blend in with the church walls.

The entrance area of the church also had 2 new electrical air curtains fitted to ensure the church could leave its doors open ready for service without loosing heat from the church.
Church warden – Doug: “Thanks for the patience on this project and help with all the paperwork. A heating system well worth waiting for.”

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