St. Thomas Church, Huddersfield

The Challange

St Thomas church came to HeatinGlobal with the problem of limited funds and In need of fast cost effective heating. The church current heating system was a large floor standing Hamworthy boiler which was providing the heating for fan assisted radiators. The alter area was heated by an condemned gas heater. 

The Solution

HeatinGlobal came up with the solution to replace the existing fan assisted radiators with more modern thermostat controlled Caspin fan assisted radiators this allowing maximum control. The condemned gas heater was removed on the alter area and a new fan assisted radiator was installed in its place. The old boiler situated below the church was removed and a new energy efficient Keston C110 wall hung boiler was installed allowing more storage space and cheap running cost. 

The church paid a small deposit and was allowed to pay the remaining balance over an 18 month contract at a rate they could afford with NO interest charged. The church now have saved money on monthly fuel bills and not had to worry about trying to raise vast sums of money to pay for a well completed heating system by HeatinGlobal ltd.


Tim Slater said  “We were amazed at the consideration and care your engineers have taken at our church, And the costing provided was extremely helpful to our funds”

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