Grade 1 Church gets new heating system thanks to Church Heating Specialists!

The Challange

St Thomas a Becket, Peterborough Church is Grade 1 listed so they wanted a company that knew about listed buildings and what the rules and regs were. They did consult another company but their ideas were thrown out by the Diocese committee board due to lack of experience and knowledge.
The existing boiler was hugely undersized, we carried out a heat loss calculation to prove all this and show the customer what was needed to reach the required temps allowed in a listed building. This was important as we needed to ensure the fabric of the stone works was at the correct temperatures while also warming the congregation on demand.

The Solution

A new boiler system was installed with a different twist on the fluing. As this was also a conservation area we knew any alterations on the outside would also get knocked back so we used the existing chimney opening. A new flue design was done using the latest technology by Spec flue which allows condensing boilers to be installed on liner kits. This meant that our new flue termination was no higher than the existing termination point before while still ensuring that any condensing water could safely discharge from the flue into the drain. New pumps, filter and pipe works were added to reduce the running cost along with separating the main worship area from the Vestry on a heating zone. This allows the office staff to just heat there own area without turning on all of the systems. The main church was under heated and the wrong type of convection grills had been installed, therefore we installed new fan assisted radiators with the correct grill angle which allowed the heat to distribute into the areas that were needed. Pipeworks was extended using standoff clips and the boiler on a frame system. This ensured that no new equipment was fixed to the church fabric. Lastly, the main entrance to the church was a big cold spot and as it was an open church they wanted a way to keep heat in and cold air out. We installed a new 6kw over door unit which low level on/ off control and had this sprayed dark brown to blend in with the old woodworks. The works took 6 men 4 days to complete. 

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