St. Winifred’s Church, Richmond, London

Saint Winifreds Church in Cumbria was undergoing major restoration works to the exterior when it was decided to also upgrade the church heating system. The warden contacted the church heating specialist to discuss ideas on how to reduce the running cost, control the church heating better and give an even heating balance throughout the building.

After testing, the old church boiler was rated at less than 50% efficiency, so it was agreed to upgrade the main church boiler. The system pipe work was also in a bad state and needed some upgrading. The agreed plan was to replace the church boiler with a high-efficient condensing boiler with a new fluing system replacing the old Asbestos flue. The new flue was re-routed to ensure it could not be seen from the front of the church. The pipework in the church boiler room was also upgraded to replace all the existing rusted pipes and a filter was added. 

The old heating controls were replaced with a new user friendly and better positioned timer control and wireless room thermostats. This allowed the correct air temperature to be taken in the centre of the church. The rest of the church system was flushed through and had a chemical clean to ensure all the internal pipes and radiators were clean and working to its maximum efficiency. The existing trench pipes were all cleaned out and the side walls fully insulated to ensure the heating from the grates was rising upwards, rather than down into the ground. 

The project was completed over a period of 4 weeks working along side other contractors on site. Radiators were removed so new plaster finishes was could be achieved. The system is now all up and running and we have already lowered the church warm-up times by 3 hours.

Church warden – Chris: ”Thanks for all the advice and for coordinating along side other works at church. We didn’t think it would be possible to get such heat from the existing radiators”


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