St. Winifred’s Church, Richmond, London

Saint Winifred’s church contacted the church heating specialist with the challenge to change the current 1 zone system into a 3 zone smart control system. The main focus of the church heating was the worship area, but the building also had a side hall and meeting rooms fed from another boiler.

The church was well used and they wanted to reduce the running cost by splitting the new heating system. The old heating boiler was a floor standing cast iron boiler estimated to be at least 60 years old, and was costing a fortune to run and maintain. The plan was to install new twin condensing boilers on a 3 zone system connected to all new primary and secondary pumps, filtration system and automatic top up control.

The new church boilers were connected to a low loss header and was all installed back in the existing boiler room. Even with all the new equipment installed it still allowed for more storage space than before. The project was booked in before the busy Christmas period so as the church was prepared to wait until the new year we provided the church with temporary heating to ensure the church stayed warm during its busy time.

All work was completed in just 3 days using a total of 5 engineers on the project. This was to ensure the new church system didn’t over run and the church was nice and warm for an important wedding that was booked on the Saturday.

Fr Tom “Thank you for your patience in responding to our request for various quotations, and for the lending of the gas heaters longer than usual. Please give my grateful thanks to the team who did the install. Everybody who has looked at the boiler room has been impressed at how neatly its been completed, how clean the boiler room was left and how clean they left our hall area. Everything is working better than expected, God bless”


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