Sunderland Church gets the Church Heating Specialist treatment

Fullwell Methodist Church in Sunderland is the latest place of worship to receive The Church Heating Specialist treatment.  For many years they struggled with a lack of effective heating, meaning the once vibrant and bustling church saw numbers of visitors dwindle. Ever since 2009 the church has struggled, and with it being open 7 days a week, it was imperative that they sorted the heating system out once and for all. It was also costing them an extortionate £6,000 per year in fuel bills.

The main problem the church faced was acquiring the funding required to complete such a large church heating task, and after a lot of hard work and dedication to the cause, after a long hard slog, they finally reached their goal.

Once we had performed all of the necessary appraisals, site surveys and proposal agreements, work began straight away. The old, useless boiler was removed, and replaced by a brand new pair of Ideal units. It’s a large system, so it had to be installed in sections and built within the boiler room, but this wasn’t a problem for us. The heating system is a split zone one, because of the scale of the church building, and allows independent control of each section of the building.

The new system works great, and church warden Colin was delighted with the work praising the efforts of our church heating engineers.

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