The best solution to church heating

As you can tell, the bitter cold is creeping in. What’s worse than being cold? Being cold with absolutely no way of heating! That’s why it’s time to give you the best solutions to church heating!

Heating your church is a job in itself and should be concentrated on all year round however now with the bitter cold winter weather here; it’s an essential time to check your church heating methods and ensure you are up to date with the best services around.

There are a few ways to heat a church and commercial heating, you may have seen some from our other blogs,

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Underfloor heating!

The use of underfloor heating is a great way to heat your church. Electric and water heating systems can be all utilised to prep your church for the cold weather.

When getting underfloor heating you have to make sure it’s completed by professionals as this is a main source of heating and can cover a large area of ground. 

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Pew heating

With Pew heating being a modern type of electrical heating purposely built for churches. The heating element is directly fixed to the pews seating and provides a heating source directly to the surface. This Is a far more concentrated source of heating rather than underfloor and might work for you.

This heating will directly warm church goes and not the open space so it is far more cost-effective and more efficient at heating those in the property.

Electrical heating

Chandelier Heating

The ‘Pentagono’ heater represents an effective but relatively low cost heating solution for churches and religious buildings.

Its modern appearance and stylish design fits perfectly into most church environments whilst the impressive 7.5kW to 10kW output can easily heat the congregation in an instant.

The ‘Pentagono’ Chandelier consists of a central section with 5 radial arms each housing a short-wave infra-red heater able to heat the congregation directly without having to heat the air up in between.


  • Unobstructive
  • Provides light and heat
  • Efficient and cheap to run
  • No fumes or smell
  • no noise
  • Fast installation

With an electrical church hearting system, you essentially have pay as you go heating, with very low running costs, and immediate direct heating to your congregation and any other ares you specify, without the wasted heat being lost like with a hot air system. 

With a simple click of a switch, your congregation can enjoy instant heat, there’s no warm up times, and no loss of heat. 

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